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We would like =
to integrate EMS Payments for our website on
BCG GmbH (as Sport24on) is a global sports =
media company operating across a range of digital platforms is related =
to television and digital media content on a membership basis. The =
service provided of capturing storing and broadcasting audio visual =
content of a sporting nature is licensed and granted us from the license =
holders. If requested as attachment we can send =
you broadcast license in the field of electronic communications =
regarding using selected licensed channels.
We provide retransmitting of =
the selected channels under =E2=80=9EI. Definitions” and “III. =
Broadcast/Streaming Provision” and as mentioned Sports provided =
by sport24on have rights to stream selected sports =
. All channels are provided by the channel providers and =
are available only in selected countries.
Waiting for your response regarding our =
Kind =
Bidzina Chkheidze