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Re: BCG GmbH – Digital River

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Hi =

Price range =
for a single payment is between 1$ – 960$.
customer can choose between 1 month for free membership =
($79,60/Mo charged annually) or one day renewal membership for $1,90 =
(renewable for 12 month contract at $955.20). 
Customer will be charged as initial payment service fee, =
during the checkout process for 1 month free membership.
All membership renewal payments are for 12 month at =
Monthly we can expect to receive =
approx 1Tsd. Payments from 60% USA, 10% EU, 20% Asia, 10% =
Kind Regards

Am =
25.11.2022 um 14:04 schrieb Kevin Griffin <[email protected]>:

HI Bidzina, 
That sounds great, could =
you let me know what GMV volume you would process through our service =
and what your AOV is please along with the countries you would like to =
Kind Regards
Kevin =
 | Digital River | Sales Director EMEA
m:+353 (0)87 =
| [email protected] |
Dromore House, East Park, Shannon, =
Co.Clare, V14 AN23 
| Ireland
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From: Brand Creators Group <[email protected]> 
Sent: Friday 25 November 2022 =
To: Kevin Griffin <[email protected]>
Subject: Re: BCG GmbH – Digital =
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authenticated but the business relationship is unknown. Proceed with =
Caution. ###
Hi Kevin, 
for your quick response.
We would like to integrate Digital =
River card payments for our service.
Kind =
Am 25.11.2022 um 13:49 schrieb Kevin =
Griffin <[email protected]>:
HI Bidzina, 
Thanks =
for reaching out, is there any particular part of our service you would =
like to know more about?
Kind Regards
Kevin Griffin | Digital River | Sales Director EMEA
m:+353 (0)87 9886939 | [email protected] |
Dromore House, East Park, Shannon, =
Co.Clare, V14 AN23 
| Ireland
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Dear =
DigitalRiver team,
BCG GmbH (as Sport24on) is a global =
sports media company operating across a range of digital platforms is =
related to television and digital media content on a membership =
The service provided of capturing =
storing and broadcasting audio visual content of a sporting nature is =
licensed and granted us from the license holders. If requested as =
attachment we can send you broadcast license in the field of electronic =
communications regarding using selected licensed channels.
We =
provide retransmitting of the selected channels under =E2=80=9EI. =
Definitions” and “III. Broadcast/Streaming Provision” and as mentioned =
Sports provided by sport24on have rights to stream selected sports =
leagues. All channels are provided by the channel providers and are =
available only in selected countries.
Kind =
Bidzina Chkheidze