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Re: Documents Reviewed for your New Pty Company (New Name) (No

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Thanks for your e-mail.
Required =
information has been submitted as company names for registration, =
Passport was submitted already and attached attorney document has been =
If =
anything is needed please let me know per e-mail.
Kind =

Am =
19.12.2022 um 11:19 schrieb Documents Department of Company Partners =
(Pty) Ltd <[email protected]>:

Hi =

The documents for your New Pty =
Company (New Name) (No Documents Required)_Service-1497073 
have been =
reviewed. Here follows our feedback:
Online Information Form: Incomplete  CLICK HERE to complete the Information =
Form online;CLICK HERE to request telephonic =
support; or reply to this email and complete the questions at the bottom =
of this email. Additional Documents required (we will request if =
needed): Outstanding (Certified and dated =
passport required. Please complete and sign the attached permission =
form.) Proof of Payment: Approved
your Online Information Form, Documents and Proof of Payment have all =
been “Approved”, we can =
finalize your service – you will receive a confirmation email once this =
is the case.

If you have your own CIPC =
Panel, CIPC will send the Company Document to you directly, which we =
will request from you to enable us to complete this services. Do you =
NoName of your New Company =
– Your preferred choice (unique names have the best chance of being =
accepted) (Note CIPC does not permit use of special =
BCGOptional Alternative =
Names (If your Preferred Company Name is not accepted, one of these =
names will be used for registration). Please list them in order of =
Alternative =
Name #1 : BCGROUP
Alternative Name #2 : BrandCG
Alternative Name #3 : BCRGNumber of Directors. All Directors will also be known as the =
‘Incorporators’ of the Company – the Founding Persons who were involved =
with the Company start-up.
1Director 1:
Director ID Number (PLEASE DO NOT leave spaces between =
numbers): 18AE85627
Date of Issue of the latest ID =
document (Required Date Format yyyy/mm/dd) 2019/11/08
Date =
of Marriage: (Required Date Format yyyy/mm/dd) –
Spouse ID =
number: –

Director Surname: Chkheidze
Director FULL Name(s) (as on ID): Bidzina Chkheidze
Country of origin (where you were born): Georgia
Date of Birth: 1988/08/31

Address line #1: =
Homburger Str. 62c
Address line #2: 
City / Town: =
Rosbach, Germany
Province: Hessen
Postal =
Code: 61191

Cell phone number: +995593 =
Landline / work number (if applicable): Full Business Address of =
the new Company (Physical and Postal) – if you DO NOT have a business =
address, please enter your home address.
*Physical Address*

Address Line #1: 222 Smit St
Address Line =
City / Town: Johannesburg
Province: =
Postal Code: 2000

*Postal Address*

Address Line =
#1: 222 Smit St
Address Line #2: 
City / Town: =
Province: Braamfontein
Postal =
Code: 2000How many =
Directors do your Company have? If your Company has more than 4 =
Directors, you will be charged R100 extra for each additional =
NOHere follows standard =
information that CIPC requires for all company registrations: (1) =
Minimum number of Directors who are required to be appointed for your =
Company at all times: ‘Nothing less than ONE Director’ (2) Date when the =
Company will start to operate formally: ‘Same date as the issued date of =
your registration certificate.’ (3) Number of authorised shares for the =
Company: ‘1000 (this can be divided between shareholders with Share =
Certificates that we offer after registration)’ (4) Financial Year End: =
‘February of each year (same as tax year end of SARS)’. If you want to =
change one or more of these four points, please notify your Consultant =
via email. Do you accept this information as =
YESNote that your information as per above will appear on your =
Company’s Official Registration Document. Incorrect or incomplete =
details will require amendments, which will bring forth extra costs. =
Have you checked every detail and are you sure that you want to =
YESNote that the cell phone =
numbers and email addresses used for your registration is that of =
Company Partners as indicated on the CIPC Registration Documents. In the =
instance where there are additional requirements from CIPC for this =
service, we will be notified and take the necessary steps immediately. =
Do you agree?
YESDo you Authorise Company =
Partners Pty Ltd to do a ‘Company Registration Service’ with CIPC on =
your behalf? And hereby accepts CIPC’s Terms and =
YESIf you are already =
registered with CIPC, please provide your Customer Code and Password. If =
not, please indicate N/A: NB NOTE. You need to have access to the email =
address linked to your CIPC panel.
Customer Code: N/A: NB NOTE

Password: N/A: NB NOTE

Feel free to browse through =
your Compliance File to view the next steps for =
your Company Formation =E2=80=93 which we can continue with once this =
service has been completed. Also see attached our general service list =
Useful Links and Info
Free =
Consultation: 021 913 5627Office Hours: Monday to =
Thursday 08:30 am =E2=80=93 05:00 pm, Friday 8:30 am =E2=80=93 03:00 =
pmMy Customer AccountLost PasswordT&C’sAbout UsContact ManagementMeet Our =


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the Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 (=E2=80=9CPOPI=E2=80=9D=
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where applicable. For more information relating to Company Partners =
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policy, Cookies and POPIA Policy, please visit Company Partners (Pty) =
Ltd website.

<Special Power of =
Attorney – PTY.doc>
<Services List =
Company Partners (Pty) Ltd.pdf>