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Re: Follow up to your email [9-8048000033104]

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Thanks for your quick response.
I have a =
notice that, =E2=80=9EYou’ve detected suspicious payments in my =
I want to state again that regarding insufficient balance of =
the provided payment method first payment attempt failed.
I have fixed the issue and payment was =
I =
want to state that I am CEO of the company and provided credit card =
belongs me, so there is no violation the ads policy regarding the =
payment method provided.
Please review carefully again and activate suspended =
Thanks =
in advance
Kind regards
Bidzina =

Am 13.01.2023 um 16:30 schrieb [email protected]:


Thank you for waiting while we reviewed =
your account suspension appeal. 

After reviewing =
your case and taking your feedback into consideration, we’ve confirmed =
that your account was and still is in violation of our Google Ads =

As such, we will not be reactivating your =
account. Please don’t create new Google Ads accounts, as these will be =
suspended too. When we suspend a Google Ads account, the suspension =
applies to the account owner and any current or future linked Google Ads =

Learn more about why =
we suspend accounts and the reasons we take these actions.

If you have a prepaid balance remaining in your account and =
you qualify for a refund, you can always cancel your account and request your refund. 

We =
appreciate your understanding.

The Google Ads team

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