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Re: We’re initiating closure of your PayPal account (Ref ID –

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We have received a notice of =
closure of our account and would like to appeal for further =
BCG GmbH (as Sport24on) is a =
global sports media company operating across a range of digital =
platforms is related to television and digital media content on a =
membership basis.
The service provided of capturing storing and broadcasting =
audio visual content of a sporting nature is licensed and granted us =
from the license holders. We have provided you a broadcast license in =
the field of electronic communications regarding using selected licensed =

We provide retransmitting of the selected channels under =
=E2=80=9EI. Definitions” and “III. Broadcast/Streaming Provision” and as =
mentioned Sports provided by sport24on have rights to stream selected =
sports leagues. All channels are provided by the channel providers and =
are available only in selected countries.

Reference =
ID: PP-L-375186016744

Please =
review again our submitted documents and if you need any additional =
information, please let us know.

Kind Regards

Am 19.12.2022 um 14:57 schrieb [email protected]:

Hello, Bidzina =

We’re initiating closure of your PayPal =
After a thorough review of your account, we’re initiating the =
closure of your PayPal account in order to protect us from potential =
financial losses. 
You’ll no longer be able to =
use PayPal account.
What =
happens to your account =
If you have =
funds in your PayPal balance, we’ll hold it for up to 180 days. We’ll do =
a periodic review of your account for funds release. A gradual approach =
to account closure allows us to part ways, while considering any =
liabilities like settling cases from your buyers, responding to =
chargebacks and helping you avoid financial =
As we =
initiate the closure, we must oversee the appropriate movement of funds =
in your account. If your account balance is below zero, you’ll have to =
settle the amount owed on your account to avoid further =
How will =
the process work?
Our first =
review will calculate our exposure and can result in any of the 3 =
different outcomes mentioned. After each review, excess funds will be =
released for withdrawal. We’ll communicate the outcome of the reviews to =

We’ll release the entire =
remaining balance to you for withdrawal. If you choose not to withdraw =
money at that point we reserve the right to re-coup any money at the =
next review; or We’ll release a part of your =
remaining balance to you. If this is the case, we’ll inform you about =
how much money can be withdrawn. We’ll then conduct another review; =
or We won’t release any funds to =
you if we deem our exposure to be greater than or equal to your =
available balance.

Your account =
may be reviewed multiple times; for up to 180 days from the date of this =
email. If there are funds in your account at day 180, it will be made =
available for withdraw at that =
How can you =
If you wish =
to appeal our decision, you can get in touch with us and let us know. =
Log in to your PayPal account and click ‘Contact’ at the bottom of the =
page. Select ‘Managing My Account’ as the topic and ‘My account is =
limited’ as sub-topic, then send your =
If your =
account shows an amount owing to PayPal, you must add money to ensure =
that the balance returns to zero. We reserve the right to recover the =
amount by legal means.
A copy of our =
User Agreement can be found by clicking ‘Legal Agreements’ at the bottom =
of any PayPal page. Our right to close your PayPal account, and the =
retention of funds, are covered in our User Agreement under sections =
10.2 and 10.3.
Thank you for =
using PayPal. We regret any inconvenience this may =

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